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A Winning Resume

Every recruiter knows that when you apply for a job, that you have applied for many jobs. However, for the recruiters to notice you, you need to have a good resume. Every job has dozens of applicants, so how do you ensure that your resume stands out?

You need to get your resume to the top of the pile in order to succeed. In fact, 80% of resumes get thrown out after a 10 second review. This is because many individuals have not curated a presentable resume. The resume is not meant to be a log of your work history. Your resume is an advertisement. You need to show the recruiter why they should ‘buy’ what you are selling.

Here are some key things to consider when building your resume.


There are several formats that you can utilize for your resume. Here, we can briefly go through them.

Reverse Chronological:

This is the most traditional format for one to use. This is the most flexible of the types of resumes, and can be used in a variety of different industries. This resume is perfect for those who are just starting their career.


The functional resume is best utilized by those with a very specific breadth of experience of knowledge. These individuals typically have lots of experience, and use their resume to highlight experiences.


This style resume is best used by those with limited experience, but are entering a very specific industry. This is often seen with contractors and more artistic fields. This resume style combines the functional and reverse chronological resume


When you apply for jobs, you need to ensure that the recruiters can get a hold of you. This is important because if they cannot get a hold of you, they are unable to schedule an interview. While it may seem obvious, here are the key components that need to be on your resume.

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • LinkedIn (Optional)
  • Online Portfolio (Optional)

By including these things on your resume, you can ensure that you can be contacted. By ensuring that this is always updated, you can remove the potential of losing out on an opportunity.


You are trying to sell yourself in the resume, which means that you need to show what you can do. While your job history is important, it needs to be complimented by the skills that you hold, and can offer to the company.

Your job experience shows what hard skills you have. While these tangible skills are often demanded by employers, they also place value on the soft skills you have. By displaying the various competencies you have within the resume, you increase your potential for hire.

A Winning Resume 

Your resume requires a proactive attitude. By ensuring that you constantly update what you have in your resume, the more likely you are able to accurately market yourself.

Here at Vog, we want everyone to have the opportunity to succeed. If you are looking for a career in tech, reach out.