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Gender: Understanding Inclusivity in Tech

Tech has not always been the most inclusive field. While there are still battles to get females in tech, there has been a significant shift in the last 5 years. While women only make up 25 percent of the tech industry, this is growing. It is unfortunate that 25% of females in the industry lack diversity in race and socioeconomic status.

STEM is one of the fastest growing sectors in regards to employment and profitability. However the women working within technology are very underrepresented. The gap that the tech industry sees is far greater than that of the gap in general employment.

Gender Representation

Representation has become one of the largest topics for discussion in the last several years. Everyone finds value in representation, and will continue to do so from this point forward. We all want to see ourselves in the media or workplace. Tech does not have the demanded representation for women. Mentorship opportunities for women are lacking, and has created an intimidating experience for women entering the field. This prevents women from gaining the skills and background knowledge needed for success.

There is an unconscious gender bias in the tech industry, and it has left women feeling excluded and unsupported. According to a report by TestRadius, ¾ of women feel outnumbered by men in every meeting. They have described the culture as a ‘Bro Culture’ and this has dissuaded women from entering the workforce in tech.


Did you know that only ¼ of startups have a female founder? Or what about the fact that only ~40% of boards have a female board member? Well, this is the reality of society. There are less women due to their barriers for entry. It is statistically found that women have a harder time obtaining funding, and they are more generous in the sharing of power and authority.

Being a founder is already a challenge. Being a female has been seen to be even more of a challenge. By looking at executive teams, it is seen that women are not seen as equals.

Gender Pay Gap

The pay gap is one of the most widely discussed topics. While we all wish it didn’t exist, it is imperative that companies acknowledge its existence. In the tech industry, a womens annual salary is ~$15,000 less than that of a male counterpart working the same role. DUe to this being widely known, many women have felt discouraged and choose not to enter the industry.

Compensation of work is a direct statement of value. While wages may not be the primary factor of a role, it does indirectly state how much one is valued at a company. Once women and men feel as though they are valued equally, more women will feel comfortable to enter the tech industry.

Vog Closing the Gap

Here at Vog, we ensure that everyone feels welcome regardless of their gender, race, or socioeconomic background. We believe that diversity is what makes are team more efficient, and ready to take on any challenge.

Vince O’Gorman believes that it is important to bring more women into the tech industry. He believes that they bring a different perspective to every project, creating a balance in the overall team dynamic.

If you want to be a part of our diverse team, keep an eye out on our job boards. Vog is a proud app development company that wants everyone to feel excited about tech. Reach out to us to learn more.