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Innovation: The Risk We Should All Take

Innovation is the risk that we should all take. Not only does it drive creativity and freedom, it also holds value for the company. By fostering an environment of innovation in your company, you can ensure that your company paves a path for success.

Every company has a desire for higher profits and growth rates. By providing the environment to innovate, you can focus on both profit and growth. Many companies partake in innovation, but the degree to which they embody it is different. SOme companies may commit to doing some research, while others may make the active decision to use disruptive innovation strategies. Regardless what way your company chooses, you need to ensure that the problem is well defined and that all the efforts are targeted to solving the problem.

We know that executives demand innovation, but how can we show that innovation is a risk that is worth taking? Let’s dive into the reasons why.


When we think of innovation, we think of sweeping changes that disrupt an industry. However, it must be understood that innovation can be a change within your organizational structure, or the way that you choose to operate. By innovating to a degree in which your company feels comfortable, you can see profits increase.

Profits increase due to the fact that your company is better able to adjust to trends when innovation has been fostered. Additionally, if you allow for innovation, your resources can more efficiently be allocated, leading to better profit margins. There have been many studies, and collectively, they agree profits will increase . Some have shown that revenues will increase by ~11%.

By innovating, you can create new efficiencies, higher revenues, and better respond to changes in the industry and market.


Your company offers employment opportunities much like any other company. WIth that said, how do you attract employees to choose you over your competitors?

When you innovate, you signal to the world that you value growth and versatility. By innovating, you publicly display your priorities. This is what is appealing to potential employees. They want to be able to see how you are making a difference, adn what environment and culture you cultivate.

Innovation creates a corporate culture that allows for communication, collaboration, and transparency. By actively innovating, you have the ability to better appeal to potential employees.

Brand Development

Every company wants to be better than the competition. This is a standard in business. WIth that said, your ability to exceed the competition heavily relies on your willingness to innovate. This is due to the fact that the companies that innovate have an easier time navigating change in trends and in the market. Innovation is a brand building initiative. It signals to the market that you are ready to meet the needs of the market.

If you build an image that revolves around your innovation, you can build a brand that can exceed that of your competition.

Vog values innovation within our organization, and in our clients. We want to turn your business ideas into reality. If you are looking to innovate through digital expansion, reach out to us for a consultation!