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Junkr App

Junkr is an on-demand application that allows posters to post junk that needs to be removed for a set price. Junkr was developed for iOS and Android platforms.

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Junkr is a first of its kind in Canada. The app allows any user to post or pick up junk with minimal effort. As the saying goes “one person’s trash is another’s treasure” couldn’t be more true with Junkr. Much of the “junk” collected gets a second life instead of hitting the landfill.


July 2020





The Challenge

We partnered with Junkr to develop a mobile application for on-demand junk removal app. The challenge for the project was to create an application that allowed users to be both the customer and the provider for picking up junk.

The Approach

Vog developed the app with a user interface that is modified slightly when a user becomes a provider allowing for the same user to access different functionalities within the application. The project was very complicated with the intended release in spring of 2020 but was delayed to late summer. The project was overall successful and users were reporting successful junk listing pickups.

Web and Mobile App Development - Dallas, Texas


The Junkr app is now live on google play and the ios App store and serves as an amazing utility & on demand-app that helps drivers and customers in Canada with their junk removal needs.
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