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Pronouns in the Workplace

As the world continues to grow and shift, more gender identities have come to the spotlight. Moreso, as tech becomes more diverse and inclusive, the more diverse the gendered makeup of the company becomes. Workplaces are beginning to become more diverse as an increasing amount of employees enter the workplace with different pronouns.

We see many corporations being more inclusive of pronouns. Oftentimes the onboarding documentation has a fill in the blank area. This shows that corporations realize that pronouns are not binary. Recently, Instagram added pronouns to their portfolio. This has allowed the platform to be more incisive and open.

The presence of nonbinary gender identities ha dincreased, meaning we all need to have a better understanding of how to appropriately use pronouns in the workplace. Additionally, there is importance in fostering an environment that is inclusive of all pronouns.

Nothing is more personal than our name and our pronouns. This is why it is integral in fostering an environment that is inclusive and open. We mustn’t assume one’s gender, or mispronoun them. By doing this, you make them feel excluded. It is a form of respect and basic courtesy to use the right pronouns. 

You have the power to make a difference as an employee. If you are unsure of pronouns, but don’t feel comfortable asking, use the pronouns they/them. However, you should never feel uncomfortable to ask. A simple ‘ My pronouns are ___/____, what are yours?’ makes all the difference. Asking is caring, and never forget it.

When you become more open and inclusive regarding pronouns, your staff satisfaction will increase. This inclusivity will be felt by consumers, and your brand will do significantly better. While pronouns for many of us have never been a battle, many people have had to fight for theirs. Show respect in your workplace for the betterment of all.

Here at Vog, we value inclusivity and diversity. If you want to learn more about Vog, visit our website.