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Sector Overview: mHealth

The sector of mhealth is rapidly growing, evolving, and changing. This means we have to adjust as well. In fact, many of us have been putting pressure on the health industry, leading it to have to make changes.

Here at Vog, we love supporting all sectors. We love learning from new projects and diversifying our portfolio. We have had the privilege to work within mHealth, make a difference for those who need it.

mHealth is a field that is filled with self empowerment. When we look at mHealth from a technological perspective, we realize that it is very user dependent. These individuals value convenience and efficiency. This is often why they look for digital options. These digital options allow for an increased degree of communication and coordination which overall enhance the health and wellness of all.

mHealth has seen a rise in demand since the declaration of he COVID-19 pandemic. People felt more comfortable in their own homes, and responded accordingly. Additionally, the increased time spent at home introduced the health industry to a surge in mental health concerns. People felt as though health and wellness became less accessible and convenient. This forced people to use Doctor Google, which has led to people self diagnosing. There is opportunity to increase health literacy and knowledge, but the users have to embrace accurate information.

When we look at the sector of mHealth, it isn’t just the healthcare industry. mHealth has a variety of sub sectors that people often forget. These include nutrition, wellness, clinical and diagnostics, fitness, and wearable technology. Each of these subsectors belongs to the sector of mHealth, and will continue to see innovation through the next several years.

Health and wellness will constantly be evolving, and due to the recent trends, mHealth will continue to see changes and shifts. Accessible mental health services will continue to be demanded as a consequence of the pandemic. This deman cannot be ignored as depression has been on the rise. Additionally, the fitness boom will have implications on mHealth for at least the next 12 months.


½ of the mHealth market share lies within North America. This large market share leaves an opportunity for Vog to better serve the market. We have been operating in North America for nearly a decade. 

We are proud of our experience in mHealth and the potential to do more. Vog is here to help you turn your ideas into reality. If you want to discuss a business idea, reach out to us. We are always happy to chat.