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Sector Overview: Social and Entertainment

The social and entertainment sector is filled with a variety of different applications. This is heavily due to the fact that entertainment for one person isn’t the same for another. This sector has to cater to a variety of different preferences. This all inclusive sector is welcoming to creativity and innovation, and will forever be so.

There are many subsectors to social and entertainment. These include:

  • Social Media
  • Streaming Services
  • Kids Entertainment
  • Relaxation
  • Games
  • Music Streaming

All of these subsectors bring value to the general sector. Each has their own values and target markets, yet have been seen to be as inclusive as possible.

It must be noted that this sector will always exist. This is due to the fat that humans struggle to be bored and that they require entertainment. This is applicable for all demographics. Due to the applicability of this sector, it is able to foster imagination and innovation. Additionally, with low barriers to entry, everyone can develop for this sector.

The world has drastically changed through the years, and people have become far more comfortable and familiar with themselves. This trend was first seen when Tinder became increasingly popular. People were able to advertise themselves to the public in  a way of ‘selling’ themselves to other individuals. However, in recent years, OnlyFans took ‘selling; yourself’ to another level. Individuals are able to share themselves in more explicit ways and make revenue based on their feed. While several years ago this would have been frowned upon, the social and entertainment sector has increased acceptance.

The COVID-19 pandemic cannot be ignored and has brought ample opportunity. The pandemic has increased the ability for businesses to get more interactions. Working from home has allowed people to increase their amounts of free time, and due to the convenience of mobile applications, social and entertainment applications have become increasingly popular. The need for any form of interaction has increased due to lockdowns. This is why social media applications are constantly rising.

Another opportunity that is seen is the battle for being the best, and for having demand to be the best. This is seen through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These platforms run based on the demand for likes, comments and shares. Everyone wants to be relevant and want to be known. These platforms are self fulfilling because people contribute and consume the content on the platform. Thies means that there is a constant flow of information and content. This is a great opportunity for social and entertainment applications to take a feed oriented application. This is also applicable to mobile games as it allows the app to use a leaderboard to incentivize engagement.

There is ample app development opportunity within the social and entertainment sector. By catering to the new trends, success can be achieved.

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