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‘Snake’ to Now: The Evolution of Apps

You likely started the day scrolling through social media, checking the news, and reviewing the weather. That alone uses a minimum of three apps. Everything we do is impacted by technology. We can be stimulated constantly through mobile apps. Not only do the apps promote engagement, they have the ability to find desire that we didn’t know existed.

One of the first entertainment applications that was introduced to the world was ‘Snake.’ In 1997, it was released, and changed the way we thought about mobile apps. In 2000, the second version of ‘Snake’ was released and became a household name. Prior to ‘Snake,’ apps were only used for practical purposes. This greatly impacted the trajectory of app development.

The design of apps was not always prioritized. However, at the time, the apps were considered to be advanced, exciting, and attractive. Looking back at the apps, they aren’t very attractive or advanced. The world has shifted now. App design is a priority and a part of the app development process.

As the world shifted to accept applications, more applications were in the process to be developed. Apple realized this shift, and introduced the App Store in 2008. This app store supported the downloads of 3rd party applications. In under 15 years the App Store grew from 500 apps to nearly 2 million applications. Within the week of the App Store being released, there were 10 million app downloads.

This growth was fast and unexpecting. In 2010, ‘App’ became the word of the year. While some apps gained popularity, other apps failed to gain traction. One of the largest success stories is Angry Birds. These applications saw 2 billion downloads in 4 years. Other apps that saw similar success include Candy Crush and Temple Run. Entertainment apps have become increasingly popular and account for 63% of iOS revenue.

In 2015, there was a new app transition. The demand for social applications was seen to exponentially increase. While success can be measured by the app download count, there are other ways to check success. Applications inclusive of Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat have an increasing valuation. This is heavily due to their intangible assets. The amount of data that these applications have increased their valuations. Recently Facebook purchased Instagram to streamline the users social media experience.

The future of app development is bright. No one can predict where app development will go. Mobile applications have been increasingly prevalent in the world of start-ups. Apps have allowed more individuals to build their businesses.

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