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The Importance of Security

We all value security. Whether it be in our day to day lives, or on the apps we use everyday, we value security rather highly. Many individuals are victims of scam and fraud. In the last year the amount of data that was stolen was greater than ever, meaning security has increased in importance.

Security is a requirement in this day and age. Many companies have faced serious fines due to their security breaches. These companies include Yahoo, Twitter, and Marriott. These companies had greater than $100 million worth of compensation fines.

There are many ways that security can be implemented, so let’s dive in.


2FA or two factor authentication is a process that ensures that the individual logging in is the one who is supposed to be. This adds an additional barrier to getting logged in. 

Most applications and websites that use sensitive information require this. When you log on to your bank, they ask security questions and when you try to login to Facebook, you have to use a code generator. In recent years, smartphones have integrated fingerprints and facial recognition to the 2FA.

Secure Code

Having a code with no bugs is integral to having a secure code. These bugs and vulnerabilities are the point of entry for hackers. In the last several years, an increasing amount of studies have been done. Some of them suggest that 11.6 million devices are susceptible to a breach of security at any time.

Developers use best practices to ensure that the system is secure. This is why apps have regular updates.


When you ‘scramble’ the data being communicated from servers, you are using encryption. This ensures that the data cannot be read by those who shouldn’t have access to it. This is often used to keep a code secure and to prevent security breaches

Encryption may seem simple, but there is ample power and protection vested in the encryption process.

In The End

At the end of the day, security is not an option, but an expectation. Being an app user requires you to be vigilant and well informed. By having a brief understanding of what keeps your data and information safe, you can be an informed user.

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