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The Importance of Soft Skills

We are operating in a hard skill heavy industry. Tech requires individuals to have hard skills. WIthout the hard skills, there is a gap in the necessary skills. However, in the hiring process, soft skills need to be seen as well.

Soft skills are better known as people skills. It is these skills that assist in collaboration, communication, and problem solving. When someone has a high competency in soft skills, they are more innovative, confident, and self aware.

The soft skills are just as important as the hard skills. This is due to the fact that hard and soft skills complement each other. An individual is more likely to fit in on your team should they have both skill sets.


It needs to be recalled that technical skills get you the interview. Once you land the interview, they are looking for your soft skills. The hiring manager is already aware of your hard skills as you outlined these in your resume, and they want to find out more. Similar to every other candidate being interviewed, your technical skills meet the needs of the company. This means you need to differentiate yourself.

Through your soft skills, you can differentiate yourself from the other candidates. By showing your ability to communicate, collaborate, and problem solve, the hiring manager can see the asset you can be for the company.

The Future

To be hired for a job, hard skills used to be the focus. While they haven’t lost importance, there has been a shift from looking for hard skills, to looking for the soft skills. Once an employer knows you have the capability to fill the role from a technical aspect, they want to see if you fit in the culture.

Some of the most demanded soft skills include creativity, communication, and collaboration. It is these skills that can be best utilized in a team setting.


Soft skills are just as important as hard skills. While hard skills may open the door to opportunity, it is your soft skills that land the opportunity. Employers are looking for well balanced candidates. 

Here at Vog, we look for a balance of hard and soft skills. Our team is diverse and versatile which comes from a variety of skills being brought to the table.

If you are looking for an opportunity to work for an app development company operating in Canada and America, reach out to us or check out the job boards.