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The Intersectionality of Relationships and Technology

It used to be as simple as seeing someone in the bar, chatting, and hitting it off. Now, dating has a variety of barriers that individuals are trying to combat. One of the biggest barriers being visual impressions. Dating is primarily online which means every photo, caption, and smile is unter the security of your next potential partner. Dating has never been easy, but the digital world has made it more challenging.

The pandemic has not made it much easier. Due to the social distancing regulations and the various lockdowns across the globe, meeting someone at the bar became increasingly unrealistic. This is why many of the dating apps saw incredible growth and changes. Tinder was seen to be used as a dating app instead of a hookup app, and Hinge and Bumble grew quickly.

People dislike being lonely, and so there are many opportunities in tech to help make relationships happen.


Every relationship is different. In a world where there is a variety of genders, sexualities, and personal expressions, no relationship is the same. The composition of each relationship is so different, but with those differences, come opportunities for development.

Some applications have been increasing their features to be more inclusive, but not everyone feels included in the intersectionality of tech and dating. This is where the opportunity lies for app development. While there are many opportunities to create apps that cater to different  demographics, there are also opportunities to develop inclusive features and updates.


Sometimes an application doesn’t cut it. While many people are searching for their love, others already have it. This is why many new technologies have come out. Some of these technologies include touchable lamps, message cubes, and wristwear. All of these allow significant others to show their love and affection. The lamps will change colours depending on the colour selected by your partner.

While many of these technologies are unable to replace genuine time together, they help bridge the gap.


Using dating apps is not the most accessible. Every app has a free version and a premium model. The issue is the fact that people like free. Additionally, everyone knows that if they were to meet someone at the park or bar, it would be free. This hinders a large number of people from purchasing a membership.

When developing a monetization strategy, it is key that you ensure that there are minimal barriers. This is what will ensure that the application retains the largest following.

Vog has experience in developing dating apps and thus understands the intersectionality of tech and relationships. We have been developing apps in Canada, and are excited to serve the Texan market. If you have a business idea, reach out to us.