How developers  become (and remain)  best-in-class

by Vog App Developers

If you are thinking of hiring a developer, consider asking these two questions.


Does your team provide business insight as well as development support?

Question #1

Your application doesn’t exist in a vacuum.  You need it to serve a specific business purpose –– which means your development team needs to intimately understand that purpose and help you achieve it, throughout the creation and launch of your app.

How do I know your developers are best-in-class with  up-to-date knowledge?

Question #2

It is an open-ended question that will shed light on how the team works and stays current. You don’t need to know how to code, but knowing how a company approaches sharing insight and learning internally is an indicator that you’re in good hands.

We’re breaking down ways you can gauge answers to both questions, and we’ll share some insight as to how we approach these.

Your business needs should drive the conversation

Tip #1

When we meet a client, one of our first questions is: Why do you need this app built? Asking this question to start out is important because it gives us an opportunity to hear about the pain points or opportunities that have inspired you to want to build an app.

Your developer should have a process for sharing insight

Tip #2

The ways in which your developers stay on top of changes will distinguish bad, from good, from great. At Vog App Developers, we stay on top of changes by building in opportunities to share learning and news across the company.

So before you engage a development team, have a conversation with them and ask how they are keeping up with industry trends and changes. Their knowledge will make all the difference for your app and your related business objectives.

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