Looking for an app developer?

— DCBank

Consider these priorities

by Vog Texas App Developers

DCBank is a Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that helps financial institutions and FinTech entrepreneurs with their digital payments (including the transfer of funds), card services, digital wallets, identity and lending software.

The number one thing is user experience (UX) –– make sure there’s the fewest number of keystrokes possible

— Jeff Smith, President & CEO

PRIORITY 1 User experience

-Experienced team that was client-focused -Clearly understand and deliver solutions to a problem -A team that could deliver on budget and on time

PRIORITY 2 Working with a seasoned app developer

1. Will this developer have the ability to replicate the app or API solution across multiple platforms? -2. How many apps are required? 3. What’s the strength and position of teams involved in the building of these apps?


I’m still using Vog and it’s been five years. I don’t use anybody else.

— Jeff Smith, President & CEO

The first objective was to get the app online and offer the ability to purchase cryptocurrency from a mobile app versus having to go to a computer. It was the first app of its kind in Canada.

— Jeff Smith, President & CEO

The ROI for that app was multiple thousands

— Jeff Smith, President & CEO

As for the cryptocurrency application Vog first built for Smith?

Vog is a proudly Canadian company that wants to help you.