What type of app do I need?

by Vog App Developers

We’re going to organize apps based on the way they function or serve the people who engage them.

1. Standalone app 2. User-to-computer app 3. User-to-user app


Standalone app

Functions completely on its own. It does not share information with external sources and doesn’t even need to be connected to the internet.


User-to-Computer App

This product type sends and receives data from external servers or computers. Its function requires a connection in order to provide utility for its users.

An example of a user-to-computer app is an entertainment-focused service like Netflix.  Users stream or download video from the company’s server, but are not going to regularly chat with other Netflix viewers, or talk to Netflix support about the shows or movies they are viewing.


User-to-User App

Apps that are this user-focused are more applicable to some industries than others.

Think: Uber.  In this case, there is a user-to-computer function because you can access a database behind the scenes to see historical rides or billing information.  And there is also a user-to-user function where customers (riders) can connect with drivers in real-time.

No matter what type of app we build, questions like these –– that follow the entire potential user journey and consider the specific type of user solutions required –– are paramount.  And the answers inform both the development and business strategy we move forward with.

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