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Why A Development Agency is for You

In the last 5 years, we have seen the world shift to digital transformation. Everyone is developing applications to better reach their users. As of now, there are over 2 billion mobile applications available for download. Your application could be one of these 2 billion, but we would recommend hiring an agency. While there are the options of hiring a freelancer, developing it in-house, and hiring a development agency, an agency is the best way forward.

Let’s dive into the details.


When you choose to develop in-house, you have full control over the project. This can be an asset when there are many components to your application. Usually, your team will have a better idea of what the company needs, and will develop accordingly. The internal communication is usually the strongest with an in-house project.

With that said, there are challenges to an internal team. First, you have to hire the team. Trying to find top talent can be a struggle, and costly. While in-house seems promising due to the increased control, the cost and time is a detriment to this decision.


A freelancer looks promising, but has its downfalls. People usually choose a freelancer due to their low cost and high prioritization. Many freelancers work on one project at a time meaning that you get their utmost attention. With that said, a freelancer requires you to have a very active role in development. Even with your immense involvement, you will still be required to wait. Freelancers usually take longer than a team.

Development Agency

We recommend that you hire a development agency. When you hire a development agency, you get access to some of the best resources. With a whole team dedicated to your project, your app development can be done efficiently and affordably.

Oftentimes people don’t want to hire a development agency because they are working on multiple projects. However, this allows the agency to be a more cost effective option. When you choose to go with a development agency, you get to work with a preexisting team, meaning you don’t have to recruit or manage.

When you choose an agency, the entire process is taken care of. You have the power to decide how involved you would like to be. Agencies offer a wide range of services meaning that everything will be more organized and efficient.

Vog can be your go to app development agency. We have over 60 employees, meaning your project has access to the best. We want to help in your Texas app development, so let us help turn your ideas into reality. Contact us today for a free consultation.